Chazda with family

Me, with my family.

My name is L. K. Chazda Albright, but as a writer, I’ve used other names as well. I started as a technical writer (in 1994) and gradually learned my way into fiction writing. To do that, I worked as an editor for a few years. I helped other people get published and from doing that, I learned what it takes to write fiction.

It takes a LOT.

I am an Accredited Blogger, an SCBWI Member, a passionate speaker and communications coach, a creative writing instructor, a hybrid author, a lazy artist and a fervently active writer. I write screenplays, plays, illustrated storybooks and middle grade novels. I also lead (you can’t really call what I do directing) the Kids English Theatre (KET) in Homburg, Germany. We’re currently preparing for our fourth production.

To read more about my writing and my rants, visit my personal website,

A Pivotal Moment

I think a lot of writers can point to a single moment when they realized there was no turning back and they had to pursue writing - for real a.k.a. as a profession. For me, that was the Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe - not because it happened, but because it didn’t.

In 2011, the Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe was cancelled. I had already purchased tickets from Germany to New Mexico. I thought about crying about it, thought about throwing a fit. I even thought about not going to the US.

Instead, I made one of the most important decisions of my life. I organized at the last minute a new, completely free conference, The Guerilla Screenwriting Circuit. This was the moment I knew I wasn’t ever going to give up on being a writer. Not ever.

Silly Stuff

My porn name is Troi Curry.

My favorite novel changes on a regular basis, but the book I can read over and over is The Moor by Laurie R. King.

If I could live on Mars, I wouldn’t. I like Earth. But thinking about what living on Mars would be like is serious fun.

I think I dated or at least met every male character on The Big Bang Theory. They are so spot-on, it’s ridiculous. (NOTE: The Big Bang itself is no longer a theory, it’s been scientifically proven.)

I am TV-cursed: Firefly, Almost Human, Limitless and Agent Carter were cancelled after one season. I love these shows. CSI in every flavor is thriving and they are so lame it makes my face hurt.

I don’t have a favorite color, but cannot stand the color gray. Unless it’s Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde was a creative, mad genius.

I don’t have any pets because I’ve developed allergies over the years, but at one time had 5 cats. Yes, I was one of THOSE.

I’m a former smoker, which makes me one of those obnoxious people Real Smokers can barely stand. (Though honestly, some of my closest friends are smokers.)

I no longer drive a car. I walk fast for a New Mexican (my heritage) - but too slow for a New Yorker. I will not ride a bicycle. Forget it.

If I could have any super power, it would be super speed, like the Flash. I would burn through calories so fast, it would be awesome. Plus: never again late. Super-plus: I could breakfast anywhere in the world, any time - and still never be late.

I don’t consider myself to be a collector of anything, but I do admit to over 300 illustrated storybooks in my home, and I can also admit that they are no longer for my daughter’s benefit. Ahem.

Me, in 2nd grade

Me, in 2nd grade.


I have Majors in English and Philosphy from the University of New Mexico. I am also a certified Residential Designer (certified as an interior designer for homes, not commercial or industrial buildings). I spent a semester in Alaska and another semester in Florida, in a Disney exchange program. I continue to take writing or publishing classes and seminars on a semi-regular basis.

Born 1971 on the first day of the last month. I share my birthday with Woody Allen, Minoru Yamasaki (architect of the original Twin Towers and World Trade Center), Martin Klaproth (chemist who discovered many elements), and Marie Tussaud.

Most of my childhood was spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been living in the Hessen area of Germany since 2002, and have settled in the spa town of Homburg, Germany with my family.

How I Pay the Bills

I am self employed as a writer and teacher (of English and Creative Writing).

Right now, I am in the third year of leading the Kids English Theatre (KET). We’re about to perform The Dragon Princess, a musical I wrote for a group of funny girls aged 6-10. I love these kids, and my daughter is a participant. (Yes, I actually get paid to do this!)

Every month, I read a storybook at the local library and afterward guide the kids through a crafts project. This event is called Happy Palmtree and I blog about this from time to time. (Yes, I actually get paid to do this too!)

Upcoming Events

September 2016 marks the next KunstWerkStadt in Bad Homburg (it’s every two years), where local artists open their studios to the public. I will be hosting (during the 2-day, weekend event) at the Hölderlin School. I’ve invited 3 other writers to join me. Helmut Barz, Corinna Wieja and Christine Kurok and I will be on stage reading from our books. The Kids English Theatre (KET) will also be performing The Dragon Princess. My paintings and illustrations will be on display, as will Christine Kurok’s along with the textile art from Mona Wosnik. Childrens’ artwork will also be displayed from the Building a Story Workshop.

About Building a Story

As an experiment, I’m teaching a special Art Workshop for kids, Building a Story. Over the years, I’ve noticed that if I give a student a piece of paper and some crayons, this opens their imagination. They can suddenly come up with ideas, whereas before they were just closed up, silent.

So I want to see if the same kind of creative unlocking can be achieved in 3D. The kids in this workshop build a protagonist (paper mache statue) and I record their voices as they make up stories. Their work, along with recordings of what they made up about it, will be on display during the KunstWerkStadt event.

Why I Created GSB

Sassy and in my 20s.

Sassy and in my 20s.

Life is too short to hang around stinkers. I need creative people in my life, and blogging for creative people has indeed brought me closer to other creative minds.

As a person who has been a Mentor or a Trainer or a Communications Coach or a Creativity Coach or an English Teacher, or a Creative Writing Teacher, it seems pretty clear (took me a while to figure this out about myself) that I am the type of person who really enjoys helping other people Do Stuff. I get a great thrill when I inspire someone or help someone succeed - or just help, period.

Love my Blog

One of the things I love most about my blog here is that I get emails from interesting people who want to do more with their imagination. It’s incredibly rewarding, and producing quality information to help boost people in the right direction (read: UP) is something so great, I really couldn’t ever have imagined it being this way. Now that it is This Way, I just want to do more.

Keep sending me your emails - now that you’ve made me a proper junkie and all. If you haven’t contacted me yet, well - get on that, will you?

Tell me what it is you want to know. Send me an email. I want to hear from you. I need to hear from you – because how else will I know what it is you want to know? That way, when my next article comes out or the new course is released, you’ll see that I’ve crafted something just for you.

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Keep creating, no matter what.

P.S.: Yes, more pictures are coming.

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