BE the Writer You Are

BE the Writer You Are

Find out where you are to determine where to go as a writer

I’ve written for you a writer’s guide that cuts through the buzz and noise of writing, pitching, publishing and marketing books. As a writer and a teacher, this is my personal explanation of some of the most confusing aspects of writing. It’s about the business of being an author.

In this book, I discuss the basics of the writer’s craft and essential tools I feel every writer must have, including some of the best insider information – like my organizational process that helps you to file your ideas and find them in under 30 seconds.

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About the Book

The "7 Rules for Writers"

The “7 Rules for Writers” that motivate you to write and give you the essential toolset.


Should I self-publish?

The answer to the question, “Should I self-publish or find a traditional publisher?”

Secrets of Quality Writing

The secrets to Quality Writing and making your characters and stories strong.

Build Strong Connections

How to connect to other writers, agents and publishers.

What People Say About Be the Writer you Are

“I just finished reading Chazda Albright’s e-book, Be The Writer You Are. While I do a lot of freelance writing, my current project represents my first attempt at writing an illustrated storybook for children.

I had read several other books on the topic, and each one left me feeling more confused and overwhelmed than the last. Ms. Albright’s book contained all of the information I needed, and was presented in a form that was comprehensive, organized, and fun to read.

In addition to the logistics involved in creating interesting stories and characters, Ms. Albright challenges writers to explore their motivations for writing, their unique strengths and weaknesses, and deftly weaves it all into a plan that sets up each writer for success.

If you are one of those rare individuals who has this whole writing thing figured out, but can’t market your way out of a paper bag, have no fear! Ms. Albright addresses all of this as well. From press releases, to book signings, to agents, to interviews, this gem of a book covers it all.

Even the most reticent new writer should feel empowered to promote their work with confidence. Truly no stone is left unturned; so if like me, you own a dusty collection books on writing for young readers, feel free to donate them to your local library. Be The Writer You Are is the only resource you will need!

Lynn Kupkee

Jake And The Gentle Dog (forthcoming)

What Other People Say About Chazda’s Writing on Writing

“I’m very glad I sent you that manuscript because your insights confirmed all the niggling little doubts I had in my head!”

Lynn Kupkee

“They are really good worksheets and I know they will help far beyond this project!” (About the CCC sheets included in the book.)

Christi Mancha

“I resonate more with what you write about stories than anything I’ve ever read! The way you put it just makes perfect sense.”

Jo Stevenson

About the Author

ChazdaL. K. Chazda Albright is the co-founder of and does so with a passion for writing and illustrating stories and getting to know other creative people. Come and get to know her! Chazda is currently developing several projects, including a series of middle grade novels, a book adaptation of her musical production 3 Dragons and a Baby, and a writer’s guide to overcoming Writer’s Block.

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Discover the Secrets of believable Character Creation:

  • Basic Steps
  • Form, Demographic and Genre
  • Character Statistics
  • Beliefs and Theme
  • The 33 Steps

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This special workbook is meant to help you work step-by-step through the process of establishing a thorough and well-organized file for each of your characters.