“Start Your Story”

is a self-paced online video course that helps writers
create the first in a series of
5 illustrated storybooks and then
bring it to the market with an easy-to-follow,
step-by-step writing system.


Hi there, I am Chazda Albright, co-founder of GreatStorybook.com and the Academy.

“Start Your Story” consists of information for people of all skill levels whether you’ve been writing for years or if you’ve never written a single completed story.

This course will benefit you and dramatically transform your writing into an effective and engaging story. This is not just for people who want to create illustrated storybooks, but a complete Writing System!

Chazda Albright

Writer, Teacher, Coach

What will you learn?


Story Idea

How do I know if
my story idea is any good?

There are no bad ideas, just poorly executed ones. That said, there are specific ways you can test whether your story idea has any potential on the market or not. I’ll walk you through those methods. I’ll also test your idea myself, and will tell you whether it could gain any traction – and what you need to change or tweak to give the idea better shoes.



How do I create believable
and engaging characters?

Because this is for an illustrated storybook, this is a question with a multi-layered answer. We’ll go over this as well, and for this course I’ve developed worksheets to help you through that. These are new worksheets designed specifically for the students of this workshop, so not anything you’ve seen on GSB before. The packet is specific to this workshop and what you’ll be doing in it.



How do I find the right
illustrator that I can trust?

This is a really common problem. Most writers seeking an artist aren’t really sure how to pick one – and once they do, they pick someone who is flaky, unreliable, and impossible to keep committed to any semblance of a deadline. In this class, I’ll explain how to find an artist and how to be sure they’re ready to operate on a professional level. I’ll also go into detail about how to establish a professional working relationship that is legally binding without being stiff and strange.



How do I collaborate
with an artist?

I’ll show you how to panel your story, how to create a professional manuscript for the illustrator, and how to pace the story so that it’s fun to read. Whether you illustrate the story yourself or decide to work with someone else, you’ll absolutely need this in your pocket.



How do I make sure that
the text and pictures are well paced?

Even for advanced writers, this can be a little tricky sometimes. This course will provide the essentials you need to know while crafting your story, and then you and I can go over your specific manuscript together. That’s really the best way to convey this: learning by doing.



Which parts of the story
should I keep or throw out?

This is about editing, and it’s very difficult to edit our own work – even with close friends or loved-ones chipping in with editorial remarks. In this class, you’ll be prompted to meet certain writing actions along the way. I’ll then edit your work, make comments and suggestions, and expect you to follow-up by sending me a changed script.

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