Get access to these easy-to-use Tools that will help you find your Niche, create a great Amazon Sales Page and rank your book for competitive Keywords on Amazon.

Amazon Keyword Ranking Tool

Amazon Keyword Tool

With this handy little tool, you can create Links to your book that will actually rank it for any Keyword you choose.
You simply enter a bit of information and get your Link. Whenever someone uses this link to look at your book, or even better, buy it, Amazon will push it up in the Rankings for the Keyword(s) you chose.

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Amazon Sales Page Tool

Amazon Sales Page Tool

Have you ever wanted to make your drab Book Description on Amazon look better? Then you probably know that it is pretty complicated and you have to not only know HTML, but have to “encode” the HTML in a special way to get a very cryptic text that you then have to paste into your Book Description. And if you made any error, it will not only look weird, but you will have to go all the way back and do it again!

With this easy-to-use Tool, you can create beautiful Book Descriptions for Amazon without knowing anything! What you see is what you get. You can format the text any way you like and then paste it into your Book Description, knowing that it will work without any problems.

This tool will not only make your books sell better with a styled Book Description, it will save you hours of time and headaches.

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External Tools We Use

Ebook Niche Explorer


The Ebook Niche Explorer allows you to find lucrative niche ideas for book topics on Amazon. Even if you already have written a book on a certain topic (be it fiction or non-fiction), you need to make it easier for people to actually find it. With this tool, you can find and evaluate search terms on the Amazon-Sites and see what people are actually looking for and buying.

It gives you sales and ranking data on existing books and allows you to track your own books and the Keywords they are ranking for.

We use this tool each time, we plan out a new book or promote an existing one. A must-have for every serious author that wants to sell on Amazon.

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