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Why Powells Bookshops Are Awesome

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Powells is MUCH more than one of the largest indie bookshop chains. Get the scoop on how and why Powells is important to YOU, even if you don’t live in Portland.

Types of Books with Pictures

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What is the difference between an illustrated book, a comic book, a wimmelbook and a graphic novel? Here is a list of the different types of books with pictures – and what distinguishes one from all the others.

Women’s Day Inspiration

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It’s important to pay attention and get inspiration from what’s happening around us. Observation and perception is what makes us writers. Here’s a creative writing exercise that honors International Women’s Day.

My List of Top Storybooks 2017

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Every February, I make a list of the top storybooks for that year. My local library orders these books for the children’s department. Here’s the 2017 list.

Query Letters: how to make them rock

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If you want to formally introduce yourself to an agent or editor, you need to know what they actually want from our query letters. Here are the 7 things to definitely do (and a few to never do).

The 10 Types of Plot Twists

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Not just one kind of surprise. Be sure you know what you’re doing with your story and why. Here are the 10 types of plot twists you can use.

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