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This is where you’ll find the GSB Guest Blog Guidelines.

If you are an artist and would like to see your artwork published at the top of one of my articles, please contact me personally and tell me about your artwork. If you have an online portfolio, include the link. Use our Contact Chazda form.

guest blog guidelines

Artwork by Mabel Amber.

Guest Bloggers Welcome

I love to read what other writers and illustrators are doing. More than that, I also feel it’s important for creative people to come together, to support each other and share in some inspiration. For all these reasons, I am open to Guest Bloggers.

Please read this page entirely. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a printable PDF link so that you can easily print this information out (the PDF will not include any pictures or anything from the website’s sidebar).

Whether you have in mind to write a stand-alone article, a series of articles on a topic you’re passionate about, or just one part of a virtual blog tour – I am interested and I know that my 30,000 GSB readers will be too.

Please understand that I might not publish your article, but you’ve got a fair shot of being published here on GSB and included in my newsletter. That means all of my subscribers will get news of your article right to their inbox.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • The 10 Rules for all GSB Guest Bloggers
  • The 7-Step Submission-to-Publication Process

The 10 Rules for Guest Bloggers

This is what you need to know (again, please read with care):

1. I only allow GSB Subscribers to be published on GSB, for two reasons.

—If you don’t read the type of material that is published here, then that’s a red flag for me. If you write the type of material that might be published here, you should also be the type of person who would want to read it.

—What’s more important to me is that GSB be a place where people can get to know each other and link-up! That means you need to be genuinely interested in being part of this creative community. I don’t want anyone here who just wants to drop off a packet of information and let me deal with it. You need to be willing to commit to being part of this group of creative people.

2. It’s ok if you are not on Facebook. But if you are, you should definitely join our private Facebook Group and get involved in the discussions there.

3. You do NOT need to have your own blog in order to be a guest blogger on GSB.

4. It does NOT matter what country you’re from, but your submission must be in English.

5. I will consider for publication the following:

— interviews

— book reviews for any books for kids (from baby to YA)

— biographies

— articles about:

  • reading
  • writing
  • creative process
  • getting inspired or motivated to create
  • creating art for stories
  • the printing industry
  • self publishing
  • the publishing industry
  • fundraising campaigns
  • book marketing
  • writing opportunities

6. Your blog post must be original, previously unpublished, written by you and around 350-800 words. It’s perfectly ok with me if someone helped you with edits, but it should be understood that you have sole credit for writing.

About Re-Publishing or Re-Posting

7. It’s ok with me if you get the article re-published on other websites that don’t belong to you, but if that happens, you must include the following phrase at the top of the article:

As previously published on Great Storybook, January 12, 2017.

The Great Storybook should be linked back either to the GSB homepage or your article, and the date as shown above should be replaced with the actual publication date of your article (of course).

8. If you post the article on your own website, do not republish it in entirety. Instead grab a section of it (the title and a couple of paragraphs), and then link to the original GSB article with the words:

Visit Great Storybook to read the full story!

About Pictures

9. You can include pictures with your submission, but they must all be owned by you – or you must have explicit permission to use them. Do not send me any images from the Public Domain. If you don’t have any fitting images, then I will find something.

10. Any article you write for us will include a byline at the bottom of the page. That means I’ll need a promo picture of you and a short bio of about 3-6 sentences. If you have a blog or website, I’ll need the link so I can include it in your byline as well.

The Submission-to-Publication Process - 7 Steps

1. First Contact - no cold submissions.

You email me via the GSB Contact Chazda page and fill out the online form. In your message, you can explain to me what sort of writing you would like to do. You should also tell me whether this is part of a virtual book tour or not – and if you hope to have the article published in a certain week, this is when you would explain that.

2. I consider your idea and let you know.

I will read your message and let you know whether I like the idea or not. If I like your idea I will tell you where and how to email me your materials.

3. You send me everything.

You’ll email me the materials according to my instructions.

4. You give me a little nudge.

Two days later, you’ll also reach out to me either via email, Facebook or my cell phone and confirm that I got your materials (if you haven’t heard from me yet).

5. I prepare your work for publication.

I’ll read what you’ve written and prepare it for publication on GSB. I’ll also prepare your pictures and optimize them for the Internet (you don’t need to do that step – just be sure your pictures are of a good quality).

6. Your blog post will be scheduled for publication.

—If you’ve told me when you’d like to have the piece published and I am able to do that for you, then the article will be scheduled for the week you request. My subscribers will find out about it the following weekend.

—If you don’t have a particular schedule in mind (you just want it up ASAP), then I’ll publish the article as soon as I’m able – which will be within 2-4 weeks, most likely.

7. I share, and you share.

Once the article is published, I will contact you and send you the link so that you can start sharing it with your family and friends, on Social Media outlets and your email list. I’ll do the same!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep creating, no matter what.



--Download GSB Guest Blog Guidelines as PDF --

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