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Jordan Scavone and being Might-E

Jordan Scavone is a storybook newcomer with his first book on the market: Might-E! Find out who this author is, what he’s like, how he got his book on the market and what he plans to do next.

The Best Ways to get an Agent

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In today’s publishing market, the industry expectation is that you have an agent. Find out here the best ways to get an agent to represent you and your work.

Type 3 Writer’s Block

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Everyone gets writer’s block sometimes, but which one do you have? If you’re having trouble writing the climactic moment of your story or just finishing it, you have Type 3 Writer’s Block. Here are the 4 reasons for Type 3 Writer’s Block and how to overcome them.

Writer’s Resolutions: 7-Point Upgrade

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Your New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t just be about fitting into your favorite jeans or not doing something that’s bad for your health. Boost your list into an actionable Writer’s Resolutions using this 7-Point Upgrade.

Work with a Storybook Performer: Inge Van Mensel

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In this interview with storybook performer Inge Van Mensel, I found out what an author might expect in collaborating with a story performer. Inge brings song, activities & live performance to your story. Transform a story reading into an event!

Type 2 Writer’s Block

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Writer’s Block is common, but there’s more than one type and several possible causes. Nail down the type, the cause and then find the solution – right here. This is about Type 2 Writer’s Block.

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