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Genres for Kids Books

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A comprehensive list: different types of children’s book genres. If you’re not sure what kind of storybook you want to tackle, check here.

Costuming #1: A Quick & Dirty Guide to Costuming

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Whoever your character, whatever your play, your costumes should make sense to the audience. Here’s a quick-&-dirty guide: the 4 essential things to keep in mind when costuming the characters in your theatre production.

Traditional Publishers: the pros and cons

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There’s no reason to believe you can’t successfully publish your own work, but there’s also no reason to believe a publisher wouldn’t publish you if given half a chance. Let’s talk about the pros and cons and the misunderstandings of this crazy business.

What’s Your Vision? Directing Children’s Theatre

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About directing children’s theatre, Christi says, “I’ve experienced my fair share of crazy when it comes to parents.” Here are some great tips for directing child actors… and their parents.

TOP Books for the Local Library 2015

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These are the books I’ve asked the local library to order for early 2015. I haven’t read these books yet, but I am wagering they are going to be fantastic because of the people who made them. Here’s why the library needs them.

The Best Wordless Books

This entry is part 11 of 14 in the series Chazda Bookshelf

Wordlesss books are not meant for bedtime reading with a child. They are daytime inspiration – awakening books. Here’s my list of the best stories told without words.

WHY Zombies Love Writers

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When writers get into the Writing Zone, we can become pretty unbearable to any non-writers who might be part of our lives. And yet, we are loved. Zombies love writers!

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