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The 20 Best Books for Baby

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There are so many options on the market for baby books, how do you know what is quality? Here’s my list of the BEST – and why.

Community Theatre: A Love Story

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From Guest Blogger C.S. Griffel: “Mark Twain wrote, ‘To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.’ I have both in surprisingly large amounts. But in truth, had I known what I was getting myself into at the beginning, I’m not sure I would have done the thing at all.” Read more from GSB’s newest contributor!

About Word Count & Page Count

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Get access to a comprehensive listing of the industry’s standard word count and page count for your manuscript. All genres, all age groups.

Ten Rules of a Creative Writing Group: Get it together

For anyone who has considered organizing or joining a creative writing group, there are some serious points to pin down right from the beginning. In fact: ten things. If you are already in a writing group and have not gone over these important points, do so right away.

The Great Big Lie About Being Creative

As a teacher and writer and someone who likes to design things and create art (especially for stories), it always saddens me when I hear someone say, "I have no artistic talent," because I know what it really means. It means that in their childhood, they made...

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