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The 10 Types of Plot Twists

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Not just one kind of surprise. Be sure you know what you’re doing with your story and why. Here are the 10 types of plot twists you can use.

Find Your Readers

Don’t sabotage your writing career. Find out how to find your readers and turn your writing thing-that-you-do into a successful business.

What is Bookbub Exactly?

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There’s a discounting book portal you need to know and use. It’s called Bookbub – for readers and writers, it’s better than sliced bread.

The Truth About Writing for Kids

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There are a lot of misconceptions about what it’s like to be a writer. Here’s the lowdown on what it’s really like, the truth about writing for kids.

New Year Writer: resolutions that work

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What are your New Year Writer Resolutions for 2017? Here’s how to make certain resolution adjustments – so you can become more prolific than ever.

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