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Blogging for Writers

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Zanni Louise is living every writer’s dream: she got the attention of a publishing house through her blog. With a second storybook coming out next year, Zanni shares with us her story to publication and the 7 reasons she feels writers should blog. This is blogging for writers.

Bringing People Together with Story

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The most fulfilling and rewarding moments of my life have been attending Community Events focused on the arts. Here’s why I encourage you to plan and organize a community event around your story writing. This is book signing X-treme!

WTHeck is Monogatari Narrative?

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Try something a little different in your narrative. Monogatari is the bombastic, epic story form from Japan. Find out what you need to include in this kind of story.

How to Find an Editor You Love

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If you think your manuscript is ready for an agent or publisher, it’s time to find an editor. Here’s how to find an editor, what they do and for how much.

Get More Creative Right Now

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If you want to be more creative, you need to find out how to get more creative on a daily basis. Here’s the scoop on what scientists now know about being and staying creative.

WTHeck is Hybrid Narration?

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Narration is vitally important to establishing a strong and vivid writing style. So what are Alternating Narration and Hybrid Narration – and when should we use them?

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