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How to Find Great Storybooks

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If you’re looking for resources that can help you find great new stories, this is your list! Find out how to find great storybooks from the tried-and-true. Includes many sources.

10 Must-Haves for a Solid Illustrated Storybook

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Without structure a storybook falls apart, or lets us down in some way, lacking the kind of Good Stuff we find in our favorite storybooks. Here’s a list of 10 things every illustrated storybook should have no matter what – so that your book can be a favorite.

Literacy on the Margins

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Writing for literacy on the margins isn’t an easy task, but with focused attention to certain details, a writer can incite change. To a coach somewhere in America, this is for you.

How to Write Third Person Narrative

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This is about how to write third person narrative, the most difficult form of narration to tackle. There are reasons why – but if you know them, you can avoid the common pitfalls. Here we go: Don’t Panic.

Comparing Book Fairs: Frankfurt vs. Bologna

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This is where I get down to comparing book fairs from the writer’s and illustrator’s perspective. If you’d like to know how the Bologna Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair differ, this is your source! Pros and cons.

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