Get It Published

I’m a strong proponent of Hybrid Authorship, when a writer is both traditionally published and self-published. This is about how to get published – in any way possible.



How to Publish

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Self publishing, traditional, hybrid and more: here are ALL the ways you might get your book on the market. This is about how to publish.

Comparing Book Fairs: Frankfurt vs. Bologna

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This is where I get down to comparing book fairs from the writer’s and illustrator’s perspective. If you’d like to know how the Bologna Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair differ, this is your source! Pros and cons.

Self Publishing vs. Traditional

This entry is part 3 of 23 in the series Publishing Biz

What is the best option, self-publishing or traditional publishing? There is a third option: hybrid publishing. Here’s the What and Why you should seriously consider being a hybrid author.


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