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If you’ve ever dreamt of some day publishing your own board book, you’re not alone. The drawback though to publishing your own board books is the expense and the hard work of working with a printing company and book distributor. All that means making a large financial investment just to get things going. Up until very recently, there was no such thing as a POD Board Book. All that’s changed.

It’s finally possible to easily produce your own POD board book without having to place a minimum order of 5000. Here’s how.

board book

Board book with peek-a-boo flaps.

You can work with a printing company in China and they will do high quality work to your exact (read: anything goes) specifications, but it can be difficult to work with those printers because of the language barrier, time zone difference and the expense.

New Board Book Producer

Pint Size Productions is located in New York and they can mass produce your board book starting at 1000 copies. The production options aren’t as versatile (read: no peek-a-boos, no peeps, only certain page number options), probably because they are relatively new and still expanding, but they hit upon all the industry standards, which is absolutely key.

What I like too is their comprehensive explanation of the mass production process. It’s exactly how the process usually goes, but I’ve never seen a factory bother to explain it so thoroughly and simply like this. It’s nice.

If you just want a limited edition print of maybe fifty, or even a POD board book, they can do that. Their customer service oriented website is clearly designed to handle that. Their POD offer is highly expensive, but at least this is finally an option.

Kill Your Darlings, says William Faulkner.

Their website is at times precious, but I suppose they are marketing to a very particular niche of American Moms – or at least, that’s what they must imagine their primary demographic to be. It’s annoying, especially the overly cutsie Our Story page, but oh well. Eh. At least they exist.

Another Cool Thing.

If you’re thinking about hosting a crafting class or a story class, you can even purchase completely blank board books that the group can then design as one-of-a-kind books. That would be a lot of fun, to start with such a high-quality board book format – just to play.

blank board book

At this point, I’m really not sure which demographic this company will end-up really serving with success.

Will You Use This Service?

Pint Size Productions could be a sort of Cafepress for board books. Check it out. What do you think?

Is this new, highly specialized printing plant seriously going to be able to compete with Asian book producers or is Pint Size Productions really for high-end personalized photobook presents? I want to know what you think. Comment below, let me know: Would you use them and if so, how?

Keep creating, no matter what.



--Download How to Produce a POD Board Book as PDF --

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