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What is my new List of Top Storybooks to Read in 2016? Find out what I’m asking the local library to order.

I love to read illustrated storybooks to kids. It’s fun (first and foremost) and it gives me some real insight into what kids like, love and don’t get. As a writer, this is really important.

top storybooks to read

Artwork by Jonny Lindner.

For nearly four years, I’ve been reading illustrated storybooks to kids at the local library. Afterward, we do a crafts project related to the book. I’m not a librarian, but the library has hired me on a contractual basis to work there for one hour per month, just for this reading event, the only one in the English language.

The library where I read is in the small town of Homburg, Germany. The kid’s section is whimsical and offers lots of space for ready listeners. There are kids from all over who come to hear an English-language story: the US and UK, but also Syria, Italy, Korea, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, etc. It’s something I love.

I get to pick the books, so that means around this time of year, I hunt down the up-and-coming storybooks that I think are most promising. Then I send my list to the public library so they can place the book order.

When I’m done with the reading and crafts event (what the librarians call Happy Palmtree – because there is a large plush palm tree people can sit underneath in the kid’s section and because Happy Palmtree is English-ish), the library keeps the book and it’s available for the town’s kids to borrow.

This is my list, the list I’ve emailed the local library so that they’ll order these as they become available (some are not yet released). In no particular order.

My List of Top Storybooks to Read in 2016

1. Mo Willems

ISBN-10: 1423178289
The Thank You Book

Read more about Mo Willems HERE.

2. Britta Teckentrup

ISBN-10: 1101932422

Read more about Britta Teckentrup HERE.

3. Richard Collingridge

ISBN-10: 0545833213
Read more about Richard Collingridge HERE.

View is Book Trailer HERE!

Watch Collingridge’s wonderful TEDx Talk HERE. It’s both inspiring and funny!

4. David Litchfield

ISBN-10: 0544674545
The Bear and the Piano
Read more about David Litchfield HERE.

5. Lita Judge

ISBN-10: 0525428372
Hoot and Peep

Read more about Lita Judge HERE.

6. Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban

ISBN-10: 1568462891
What to do with a Box

Read more about Jane Yolen HERE, and Chris Sheban HERE.

7. Mac Barnett and Chris van Dusen

ISBN-10: 0763665568
President Taft is Stuck in the Bath

(cover not yet released)

Read more about Mac Barnett HERE, and Chris van Dusen HERE.

8. Tara Lazar and S. Britt

ISBN-10: 1454913215
Normal Norman

Read more about Tara Lazar HERE, and S. Britt HERE.

9. Michelle Robinson and David Roberts

ISBN-10: 1681190265
A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting
Read more about Michelle Robinson HERE, and David Roberts HERE.

10. Susan McElroy Montanari and Anne Wilsdorf

ISBN-10: 0385384904
My Dog’s a Chicken
Read more about Susan McElroy HERE, and Anne Wilsdorf HERE.

How a book gets on this list.

To get on my radar, you need to have a history of creating quality stories. It doesn’t matter how a book is published, but it does need to be published during the year I read it at the library (read: not the year before). It also has to be in print, not just an ebook.

What new, up-and-coming books are you excited about? (Yes, it can be your own book. Of course!) Write below, let me know – or, as ever, send me an email.

Keep creating, no matter what.


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