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Writing a top writer resume is very different from creating an occupational one. Not only are you writing to secure a job, but the content of your resume is actually judged and evaluated as part of your application. That means your writing has got to be top-notch quality.

Tips for writer resume

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Since a level of accuracy and creativity is needed to secure a job successfully, here is your step-by-step guide on what to include in a solid Writer Resume.

What you‘ll find here:

The Resume Sections

  • Contact Information
  • Portfolio
  • Press
  • Professional Experience
  • Short Biography/ Professional Statement
  • Website

7 Useful Tools for Resume Building



So, here we go! This is what your Writer‘s Resume absolutely must have. Just six things.

Contact Information

You should always include a section for your contact details, where you can include your email and phone number. Never use someone else’s phone number and always use a professional email. The most accepted form of an email is one that is simply your name. (Note: Do not use a book title!)


This is where you show off all your past works and contracts, whether business or personal, as well as any you have lined up for the future. You could either put them all under one section or separate them into sections such as Solo, Client Work and Team Work, whichever looks best for your resume and your set of skills, and obviously what is most in line with the job that you’re applying for.


Any reviews or big mentions of your published work should definitely be listed here. This is where you show these off. Whether it was online, in a blog, local newspapers etc. any places you have been reviewed, be sure to link them into your resume or attach samples (perhaps even upon request).

Professional Experience

If you have any relevant professional writing experience, then you should be adding it to your resume, but don’t overdo it and make yourself sound much bigger and better than you are. Make sure that you are not overselling yourself and that you are giving yourself an accurate representation.

It’s also really important to have References listed here, other writers, editors, agents, librarians, teachers (anyone!) you‘ve worked with in the past who would have positive things to say about your writing and work ethic. Just be sure you ask those people if they would be willing to be a positive reference for you and your writing.

Why ask first? If the person you‘ve chosen to be a reference for you has a crazy work schedule, then helping you get a new writing gig may well be just one more thing on their hectic plate. They won‘t thank you for that! So be sure first to ask and to also be sure and let them know when they might expect a call or email from someone asking about your writing.

Short Biography or Professional Statement

This is by no means considered a necessity, but it is a wonderful gesture and can separate you from the packet of other applicants. Writing a Professional Statement or personal, Short Biography can be a personable and professional way to describe you and your work.

It is always great to read about how someone sees themselves as well as how they picture themselves in a few years and the direction they wish it to take them.


You should definitely be thinking about setting up a website as they are great for showcasing what you do along with any reviews, big mentions, videos etc. that you have to show off. A website is a great way to have an online portfolio so that you can direct people to it as well as allowing people to find you.

Useful Tools

To help with your resume building even more, we have provided you with a list of tools (below) to help you create the best looking resume you can. Whether you need someone to take the reins and create it for you or you want more control and would love to get creative with it, we have the best online tools for you.


If creating a resume on Word isn’t for you, then Resumention is great for providing you with templates and helping to build the perfect looking resume in minutes.

State of Writing

This is an extensive list of various writing guides and resources you can use and follow for a properly formatted and well-structured resume, but it‘s also helpful just in general, no matter what you‘re writing!

Best Australian Writers

The online writing service Best Australian Writers is perfect for those who are looking for some help when it comes to putting together the resume. Not only can they provide you with a writing service by creating your resume for you, but they have also reviewed a range of other writing services out there to help you choose the best one for you.


This is a leading proofreading writing service that can help you to read through your content to ensure it’s free from errors and mistakes. While this is an essential skill for any writer to have, writing about yourself is a lot different to writing content, and you may benefit from a second pair of eyes.

My Writing Way

Writing out lots of resumes for lots of different jobs can take its toll of your concentration, and you may feel like you’re missing traditional writing mistakes; mistakes that could cost you your job. Instead, use this blog as a checklist to check your content to ensure that it’s perfect.


Another great resume builder is Resume, where they can help you to create a great looking resume in a few short minutes for free.


If you prefer to have more control over the look of your resume or you want to go for something a bit more ‘out there’ then Canva is great for you. You are able to choose from a huge range of graphics, images and much more.


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