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An Interview with Sheryl Hershey

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series GSB Interviews, Interesting People

Sheryl Hershey’s debut children’s book, Lila and the Dandelion, has encouraged hearing children to learn sign language, it has invited teachers to use the book inside their classrooms, and most recently, Nick Baker, a talented musician (who is autistic and blind) is currently writing a song about Sheryl’s book. Find out in this interesting talk with Sheryl what it is she is doing right!

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Marianne Mineo: Storybook Up-&-Comer

Marianne Mineo is new to the scene as an indie writer and illustrator of children's storybooks but already she has brought two titles onto the market since October 2012. What she does day-to-day may surprise you. It did me.

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