Jordan Scavone is a storybook newcomer who is making some really good, really smart decisions about how to write and market his first book, Might-E!, which he plans to expand into a series.

It’s exciting to see this first project from him, and I have no doubt we’ll be reading much more from and about Jordan in the future. He’s got a great outlook and lots of energy.

A Bit about Jordan

Jordan ScavoneJordan is a colorblind university student who works at a daycare center for kids. His favorite shoes are DC “The Flash” Converse hightops, awesome and thoroughly worn-through as they are. His favorite food is his mom’s homemade beef stew and his favorite place to be is the zoo.

When I asked about his writing background and the type of material he wrote before Might-E!, this is what he had to say: “I’ve done a lot of script writing. I studied Film quite a bit during my undergraduate work, and I write and produce modern audio drama online.

“But I’ve now learned that I’ve been writing picture books since I was about four. My mother just moved out and she found a box of stuff that I’ve written (and poorly illustrated). The books range from aliens, animals, evil janitors and more.”

Our Interview

CA: What was your inspiration for writing Might-E?

JS: My inspiration came from the many children I see come into the daycare where I work, and struggle with their parents, or an inability to open up away from home. I wanted to give them something to see themselves in, and to know that they can be mighty.

CA: How was the contract arranged with your illustrator, Caitlyn Knepka?

JS: I actually retain all rights to the images, and Caitlyn was payed upfront for her work.

I worked with Caitlyn through my Project Manager (at Mascot Books) at first, but we now talk quite frequently. She was absolutely fantastic to work with. She was quick, efficient, and open to criticism/ideas. I was actually given a packet of many different illustrators my publisher has worked with and was asked to choose at least three, however when I opened Caitlyn’s I knew from the first image that I would not work with anyone else.

I would love to – and hope to – work with Caitlyn for a long time. If I have the chance to put out more books she is the first (and probably only) artist I’ll call.

Might-E! by Jordan Scavone

CA: How was working with Mascot Books?

JS: I have a good relationship with them. I’ve spoken with many staff members via email, from the CEO, or marketers, sales people, and two project managers. I’ve spoken on the phone with multiple people as well, and they are always very professional and understanding.

I decided on them [Mascot Books] because they specialize in working with unagented or first time authors (which I’m both of) so it seemed like a great fit.

CA: What gives you the deepest sense of pride with this project?

JS: That children actually like it. I was worried that despite being relatable (to me at least), that toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children wouldn’t be interested in the book.

CA: When and how do you write?

JS: I write everywhere! My main workspace is actually my kitchen pantry. I turned it into a writing space as well as a recording studio for when I do audio mixing and voice acting (something I do in my spare time).

I do a lot of my writing between graduate school classes, on break at work, or at local diners around town. I love to sit at a restaurant early in the morning when they are slow, and just write.

CA: What turned out to be the most challenging task in getting your book together and on the market?

JS: Page breaks. Making sure each page break (either page turns or not) was fluid and interesting. Each page needs even the smallest amount of tension to propel the reader forward, and making sure that each page works in the way was much harder than I anticipated.

CA: What are your long-term plans?

JS: I hope to continue to write and eventually write professionally and not stop. I want to give the world more stories, and I want to continue to attempt to inspire and bring joy to everyone.

My greatest inspiration is the power of the story, especially when looking at fairy tales and the power of the oral tale.

[About] the utilization of social media, it has really aided in the sales and distribution of Might-E! I can only hope that this continues. The more sales I can make the quicker I can produce new books.

CA: If you could read your book to anyone, who would it be?

JS: Living, it would be someone like John Lassiter of Pixar. I think he’d really enjoy the book. Non-living, it would probably be my Grandpa Scavone on my dad’s side and my Grandma Holmes on my mom’s side. I think they both would also really like it, and be grateful that I had created it.

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Keep creating, no matter what.


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