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I always have been drawn by the sight of a Vespa but I do not want one. I don’t like roads much, and I don’t care for driving, but there is something about the lines and shape of a Vespa that makes me wish they didn’t stink.

I am drawn to the idea of riding around European villages and vineyards and the nicer cities where there aren’t too many cars – on a Vespa. Vesta is the besta. These little motorbikes are just right for me and a simple pack filled with things I might need for an impromptu picnic alongside the road somewhere. Near a place with wild flowers and no bugs whatsoever.

Vespa Beauty

Artwork by Ryan McGuire.

Ode to a Vespa! But man do these things stink. They are easy to find around my small town of Western Germany, and whenever one passes me by, I react first with a wrinkled nose and then gaze upon the beautiful stinky machine as it putters around the corner (there are so many corners in this town, it is inevitable) and out of sight. I stifle a sigh and go back about my business on my own two feet.

What is your funky distant desire that you love but don’t really want in your life?

Realizing these things about ourselves is excellent inspiration for developing great characters. There is no good reason for a story character to be consistent in their thoughts or logical in their emotions. While their actions and words need to make a certain sense (to the character) – for believability – there is nothing unbelievable about being a ridiculous person.

These ridiculous little things are ones that other people generally notice first about us. We with our own thoughts take a bit longer to see that sometimes. So give yourself a few minutes to think about this. What do you desire or admire but really don’t want?

Keep creating, no matter what.


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