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Today's Gutenberg Press: ebooks

Years ago, I worked at Amazon before they sold anything other than books. That changed the publishing industry. Now more change is coming, right to my town.

Marianne Mineo: Storybook Up-&-Comer

Marianne Mineo is new to the scene as an indie writer and illustrator of children's storybooks but already she has brought two titles onto the market since October 2012. What she does day-to-day may surprise you. It did me.

Children's Book Illustrators: How Do You Price Your Artwork?

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Artist for Stories

In this Quick Tip, we take a look at the Business of Illustrating in terms of pricing art and the need for Illustrators to be more entrepreneurial in the way they approach their self-crafted career. This isn't easy if you don't know how, so I'm going to tell you how right now by taking a look at some very useful pricing tips outlined by Will Terry.

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